Summer weather

With summer weather comes outdoor activity. We are all excited to finally enjoy time out in the sunshine and many of us start to push ourselves to do more and more. But as we get back into the summer routine, we need to be careful to avoid injuries.

One common summer injury is a sunburn. I think most of us have had a burn at one time or another, but research has shown that we may be more at risk for skin problems with each burn. To help prevent future problems with our skin it is important to pay attention to how much time you are under the sun, to cover up when you can and to protect ourselves. We can save ourselves a little by staying out of the sun during the times when the rays are the strongest, usually noon to three. Or we can make sure that we don’t stay under the sun for too long at at time. Also either getting into shade or wearing protective clothing to shield from the UV rays is always a smart idea. Finally we can use sunscreen to help prevent the damage to our skin, when direct exposure is unavoidable like time spent at the pool or at the beach. We should all be aware that even when the temperature isn’t topping the charts the sun’s rays can still be dangerous, so protect yourself when there is a cool breeze.

With high temperatures and nice weather it is easy to forget that drinking water is important. We should all try to stay hydrated, and we should pay attention to  the younger members of our families. Many times children get caught up playing and forget to drink water, so we adults have to pay extra attention to them. If it is hot out and you are thirsty, listen to your body and drink a little extra water.

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