Motor Vehicle Accidents

Both Dr. Bramble and Dr. Ouellette have had success treating motor vehicle injuries. Two of the most common areas that are injured in motor vehicle accidents are the neck and the back. Additional areas that can be injured include the shoulder, hip, knee, or wrist, depending on your position at the time of impact.

Many people are familiar with the term whiplash. This injury commonly occurs in the neck when a car is rear-ended and the passengers experience a rapid backward-forward movement in their head and neck. It is referred to as Cervical Acceleration Deceleration (CAD) trauma or syndrome by some in the medical community. Often whiplash is classified by doctors as neck strain and sprain because it is an injury to the muscles (strain) and ligaments (sprain). You can have this type of injury anywhere in the spine.

The rapid movements may injure the vertebrate, neck and back muscles, the ligaments and even the brain in some cases. The severity of this injury can vary widely. Neck and back stiffness can be expected for several weeks after the initial injury and can linger for several months, depending on the the forces involved in the accident.

Though speed plays a role in the amount of injury, accidents as slow as 5 mph can result in injury. Many neck and back injuries happen outside of the car crashes. Activities such as football and soccer have relatively high instances of whiplash-like injuries reported each year. Though most people suffering from sprain/strain will recover in several weeks, timely medical response and effective treatment can help to decrease the time to feeling fully recovered. Further treatment often helps to decrease the affect of the injury of one’s day to day life.

Sprain strain injuries can have wide ranging effects on both your emotional and physical health. Without treatment, the long-term effects of this injury may result health problems in the future and can affect your day to day life. Evaluation by a physician can help to prevent long term effects from this trauma.

Treatment for whiplash or sprain strain injury may includes adjustments to the spine, heat therapy for muscle tension and pain relief, range of motion exercises, physical therapy, massage, analgesics as needed, and rest. Some patients may also be recommended to seek treatment using cervical traction or lumbar traction.

The doctors of Jade Chiropractic will work with you to help you to overcome your injuries as quickly as your body will allow.