Conditions We Treat

Dr. Bramble and Dr. Ouellette have had success in treating many conditions. They look forward to helping you achieve your health goals. The following is a list of the conditions most commonly treated at our office:

·         Neck pain
·         Headaches
·         Stiff shoulders
·         Motor vehicle injuries
·         Low back pain
·         Pain related to pregnancy
·         Sports injuries
·         TMJ issues
·         Shoulder injuries
·         IT Band problems
·         Disc injuries
·         Whiplash injuries

·         Torticollis in babies (head always turned or tipped to one direction)
·         Postpartum pain in shoulders, neck, and tailbone
·         Reflux in babies

·         Nursing issues for mom and baby

For more details or for conditions not listed above, do not hesitate to call or email. Even if the condition you suffer from isn’t listed above, we should be able to help.  Chiropractic care is safe and effective for many common ailments.

We offer complimentary consultation if you would like the opportunity to talk to either doctor about your condition or concerns.

If the doctors at Jade Chiropractic are unable to address your condition they will be able to help to direct you to the correct specialist. We have connections with many other local health care providers, and are most concerned about your health.