Pediatric Issues

Chiropractic care for children

Small bodies are on the move- starting in utero with kicks and topsy turns all the way to falls on the playground. Areas on little ones can get tight and stuck. Chiropractic care can help improve their mobility, decrease discomfort, enhance their body awareness, and prevent long term problems.

Treatments look a little different for kids than typical adult chiropractic care. The primary treatment used is craniosacral therapy, a light touch technique. Adjustments are very gentle and focused. There is also discussion for home care and things that can be done between treatments.

Common issues:

Tongue tie

Torticollis, or preferring head one way

Breast feeding difficulties

Asymmetrical crawling

Chronic ear infections

Growing pains

Falls on bottom

More can be found about why a baby might need chiropractic care at this blog post