According to WebMD about 45 million people suffer from chronic headaches. Though there are many different causes of headaches, many of them involve tension in the neck. Some headaches are actually believed to be caused by the tension in the neck and referred from the muscles in the neck.

Whatever type of headache you have Dr. Bramble and Dr. Ouellette believe that you could benefit from having the joints of your neck and upper back, along with all the muscles of your neck and head evaluated. At times they have found they are able to help decrease the intensity and frequency of their patient’s headaches.

The doctors of Jade Chiropractic look at how the skull interacts with the top of the neck, how the joints of the neck interact with each other and with the upper back. At times there may be a restriction of motion in these areas which forces the muscles to work harder than they need, leading to referred pain. Some patients have relief of headaches after being adjusted, until their necks become restricted again, but may experience weeks without the symptoms of a headache. There are headaches that may not directly be affected by chiropractic treatment, but the secondary symptoms of tension in the neck and shoulders can be reduced.

Please contact Jade Chiropractic should you wish to look treatment options for headaches.