Low back pain

At one point or another most Americans will experience lower back pain. In fact recent literature states 80 percent of Americans will have low back pain in their lifetime. The pain one experiences can range from mild aches while moving to debilitating pain that prevents day to day living.

The most typical form of back pain that affects patients is referred to as “uncomplicated mechanical back pain”. This means the pain is not related to something more sinister in nature like cancer, infection or fracture.  Through the years this sort of pain has shown amazing response to chiropractic therapy.

There is no singular cause of this type of back pain, and nearly anyone can be affected by it.  Your spine is a complex system of muscles, tendons, ligaments, discs, joints, nerves, bones and blood vessels. All of which are susceptible to injury and can contribute to back pain.

Some people think that they have to be in a car wreck, or need to be a professional athlete to throw their back out, this just isn’t true.  In our experience these sorts of injuries make up a smaller percentage of low back pain.  More typically Dr. Bramble and Dr. Ouellette have seen their patient’s backs succumb to things like small sudden unguarded movements or repetitive motions. A motion as small as an awkward step off a curb when the spine is caught off guard can cause forces that are usually absorbed into the back to cause injury.  Also, fatigue and repetitive stress injuries to muscles and ligaments from poor posture, bad ergonomics and other small daily activities can wreak havoc on deconditioned spines that lack endurance or proper coordination.

DrBramble-6Research continues to pile up in support of low-cost and highly effective treatments for low back pain. Again and again adjustments come up at the top of the list of low-cost and effective treatments.  These types of adjustments can be performed by osteopaths and physical therapists, but chiropractors are spinal adjustment specialists who spend countless hours in lectures, labs and seminars perfecting their craft. In our opinion a chiropractor should be the first place that anyone considering an adjustment to their back or neck should seek care.

So if you are like 8 out of 10 of the rest of the people in the world and are looking for a quick and cost-effective treatment, with few to no side effects, for your problem then look no further than your local chiropractor, or find one near you with a handy search page from the ACA!