Our Approach

At Jade Chiropractic, our goal is to create an open, welcoming environment with emphases on wellness and achieving a state of balance.

We believe that wellness is thriving and living a life full of the activities you want, not merely being free of disease and injury. Whether a full life means playing with your children without a twinge in your back or if it means amping up your competitive edge, wellness is individual. There is a balance everyone needs to find in the many aspects of their busy lives.

We strive to empower all our patients to direct their treatment to reflect their goals of health and to help them find their own personal state of wellness. We do this by discussing all of your health care options, whether they include treatment at Jade or at one of our health care partners.

Jade Chiropractic first opened its doors in Arlington, MA, in 2011. However, Dr. Bramble and Dr. Ouellette  were drawn back to Portland, OR to have a family and a business. The married doctors were excited to begin both endeavors in Portland 2014, and proudly welcomed their first child in December. The practice has grown since then and in June 2017 we were proud to welcome Jay Twitchell, LMT to the Jade Chiropractic family