Though every patient is different, one item I discuss with everyone is posture.   Though we have all heard it from moms, dads, or grandparents, watching our posture is a critical part of good heath.  Good posture isn’t just for teenagers!  Posture helps reduce the stress on our bodies that can lead to headaches, back aches, carpal tunnel, and possible problems with breathing and digestion.

I recently gave a talk to the Boys and Girls Club in Arlington about posture.  It made me think about the non-health reasons to practice good posture.  One of the biggest draws to having good posture is that it makes the person look more confident.


When I exam patients, I look at the the balance of the postural muscles.  Often times, it is a balance of stretching tight muscles and strengthening weak/inhibited muscles.  The exercises are usually not difficult and can be performed at home with limited equipment.  There is great general information available on the American Chiropractic Association website.

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In health,

Dr. Molly