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Fresh Air

We all want our homes and offices to smell fresh and clean.  But it is worth taking a minute to think about the contents of the sprays.  Perfumes and body sprays have been given much attention.  Medical offices, therapeutic spaces, and gyms often post signs asking people to limit their use of scents.  We need to also look at all the air fresheners on the market.  After air fresheners are sprayed, we breath in the areosolized particles.  These particles don’t stop in our noses, but travel into our lungs. Chemical air fresheners cause irritation to the lungs and have been studied as a trigger for asthma attacks.  Though the chemicals are not  the cause of asthma, an article on MSN interviews an allergist who points to a lifestyle choice that can help reduce triggers for asthmatics.  This article lists the contents in air fresheners as irritants.

So next time you reach for your spray, think about peeling an orange or cracking a window to let some fresh air in.  One of my favorite ways to change the air of my house, is to start dinner early, especially if it involves sauteing onions and celery.

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Dr. Molly

Image from the Ricco Kitchen website

February is Heart Month

Not just chocolate hearts for your sweetie!  Heart disease is an epidemic that affects millions of adults.  TheAmerican Heart Association has dedicated February as American Heart Month.    The media has increased their coverage of this topic and some of this might not be hot of the press for you, but it is worth repeating.

First, heart disease is the number one killer of women; above the number of deaths from breast cancer or any other reproductive cancer.  A main reason is awareness.  Most women go to have regular gynecological check-ups and will have a mammogram when it is recommended.  Women and men need to have regular physicals to check their blood pressure, cholesterol, and other diagnostic testing.

The second note with heart disease is that it is a silent killer.  A person doesn’t usually notice their blood pressure is high or that they have a decreased cardiac output.  These only come up in a physical exam or in a cardiovascular event like a heart attack or a stroke.

Another item is that blood pressure, cholesterol, and other tests are confusing!  Here are some links that help explain your results

Blood pressure



Lastly, one of the best actions is PREVENTION.   Leading a healthy life can help keep your heart strong, your arteries clear, and your blood sugar under control.  Quit smoking.  Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.  Exercise.  Reduce stress.  Avoid processed foods.

If you missed this documentary from 2004, it is worth a watch.

image from

In just a few weeks, Morgan Spurluck shows declining health in his lab results and quality of life.

Sit on the couch to watch the movie, then go for a walk to your nearest farm stand to pick up a pile of veggies for dinner!

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Dr. Molly



Though every patient is different, one item I discuss with everyone is posture.   Though we have all heard it from moms, dads, or grandparents, watching our posture is a critical part of good heath.  Good posture isn’t just for teenagers!  Posture helps reduce the stress on our bodies that can lead to headaches, back aches, carpal tunnel, and possible problems with breathing and digestion.

I recently gave a talk to the Boys and Girls Club in Arlington about posture.  It made me think about the non-health reasons to practice good posture.  One of the biggest draws to having good posture is that it makes the person look more confident.


When I exam patients, I look at the the balance of the postural muscles.  Often times, it is a balance of stretching tight muscles and strengthening weak/inhibited muscles.  The exercises are usually not difficult and can be performed at home with limited equipment.  There is great general information available on the American Chiropractic Association website.

If you have any questions about your posture, feel free to call for a consult 339.707.0806

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