Webster Technique

In addition to her many years of experience as a pregnancy chiropractor, Dr. Ouellette has been certified in the Webster Technique. This is a system of evaluating and treating the pelvis of a pregnant woman to help create the optimal alignment. It was developed for when a baby is breech or transfers. Breech means that the baby is not in the head down position at the end of pregnancy.

The goal of the Webster Technique is to balance the bones and muscles of the pelvis. When the pelvis and muscles are balanced the baby has the best opportunity to assume the ideal head down position for birth. Many of the doulas, midwives and obstetricians in Portland refer patients to seek Webster certified doctors, in an attempt to naturally help the baby get out of the breech position. The treatment consists of chiropractic adjustments, usually with a drop table, and manual therapy to the muscles and ligament of the pelvis. Instruction is given for stretches and changes to posture at home.

Dr. Ouellette recommends starting chiropractic care early in pregnancy in order to help the pelvis stay balanced. Our bodies are not structurally designed for prolonged modern day activities. But a mother’s life can create challenges to alignment- sitting at a desk, driving, carrying children, and looking at screens- can create shortened, tight muscles and torque on the pelvis. Periodic chiropractic therapy can help to combat the effects our day to day lives on the back and pelvis.

With offices in North and Southeast Portland, Dr. Ouellette is available to help assist during pregnancy.