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Dr. Molly Ouellette was a true gift in our life!  After an extremely premature birth, heart surgery, and an undiagnosed food allergy, our twin babies developed an aversion to eating, a reluctance to move freely, and significant body tension.  Dr. Molly bent over backwards to accommodate our needs and care for our tiny ones starting when they were only a couple months old.  With her gentle and attentive care, we began to see instant changes in our babies.  Our daughter’s shoulders, nearly always held tight up by her ears, relaxed.  Their bowel movements improved, and they appeared more comfortable in their bodies.  Dr. Molly’s expertise, gentle touch, and deep compassion were a much needed, missing piece for our family, and we feel so grateful to have found her.  Our twins, nearly two years old still come in for a check-in with her from time to time, just continue reaping all the positive benefits of her skilled care!

Updates on the building, our protocols and the Parent Trip.

Hello, We hope you each have continued to stay healthy and are well.  The building- We have some happy news to share. Thanks to the local neighborhood association, the new owners of the building have withdrawn their permit for demolition of the building. At this time the plan to demolish the building and trees is […]

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Why Might a Baby need chiropractic?

Why might a baby need chiropractic? Many people would think that a baby would not need to have any chiropractic work done as they are not old enough to have accumulated problems. There are many reasons that a baby might need chiropractic or other body work. Pediatric chiropractic has a goal of finding and helping […]

Corona Virus

After much thought we have decided to cease normal operations at Jade Chiropractic for at least two weeks. Using Governor Brown’s most recent guidelines we are closing Jade Chiropractic for normal business for the next two weeks. We are hoping to do our part to decrease the spread of the Covid-19 virus. We are hoping […]