What people think of Jade Chiropractic

I couldn’t speak higher about Dr. Molly!  She is an incredibly friendly, caring, thorough and thoughtful doctor that I would recommend anyone to.

She listened to everything I had to say and really took my own thoughts about my body into consideration.
Not only did she absolutely work out the trouble spots, but she educated me on the problems as well.
I really appreciate that I have a better understand of what was going on and how I can best prevent it from happening again.

Your body and mind will thank you for going to see Dr. Molly :)

I saw Dr. Bramble for a very sore elbow, which he immediately diagnosed as “tennis elbow.” With just a couple treatments, my elbow improved dramatically. Equally important, however, Dr. Bramble explained to me exactly what caused my pain, how he was fixing the problem, and how I could avoid further injury. Thanks so much Dr. Bramble!


We all know that a good night sleep does wonders for our health, but sleep can be elusive at times when we need it most. There are many times when we might need sleep, such as before an event like a triathlon or a big test. Others may find that they miss out on a few […]

End of Summer

As our hot summer ends, everyone needs to be sure not to push themselves too much. Often chiropractors will see patients who are trying to squeeze the most that they can out of the summer, and tested their limits. When on an end of the season hike or run, especially on a hot day, when […]

Summer weather

With summer weather comes outdoor activity. We are all excited to finally enjoy time out in the sunshine and many of us start to push ourselves to do more and more. But as we get back into the summer routine, we need to be careful to avoid injuries. One common summer injury is a sunburn. […]