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Fall Newsletter

  Soren made a grand entrance and has been a sweet little bug since then. Other than the dreaded car seat, he is a pretty happy little guy. Sloane is a very proud big sister. She got to see Soren minutes after he was born and was excited to tell her cousins she saw her […]


We all know that a good night sleep does wonders for our health, but sleep can be elusive at times when we need it most. There are many times when we might need sleep, such as before an event like a triathlon or a big test. Others may find that they miss out on a few […]

End of Summer

As our hot summer ends, everyone needs to be sure not to push themselves too much. Often chiropractors will see patients who are trying to squeeze the most that they can out of the summer, and tested their limits. When on an end of the season hike or run, especially on a hot day, when […]

Summer weather

With summer weather comes outdoor activity. We are all excited to finally enjoy time out in the sunshine and many of us start to push ourselves to do more and more. But as we get back into the summer routine, we need to be careful to avoid injuries. One common summer injury is a sunburn. […]


Hello! I am excited to start blogging about health, wellness, and chiropractic. I am know short blogs will be more fun and creative for me than 15 pages comparative essays from English literature days. Let’s start with a healthy tip for the day: Try a new leafy green. They are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. […]


Happy Thanksgiving! I want to wish everyone a healthy and happy Thanksgiving.   My thanks go to my family, friends, patients, health, and clinic.  I appreciate everyday that I get to exercise my mind and body.  I am grateful for time with my niece and good food on my plate. I hope everyone finds the a […]


Do you find yourself reaching for pain killers multiple times a week for a nagging headache?  Do you take medications to prevent a headache you know will come? It is not normal to live with these symptoms!  Not only are there risks associated with the daily intake of pain medication, but the quality of your life is […]


Exciting new update.  Jade Chiropractic now proudly takes Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.  We are contracted as a preferred provider.  If you have any questions regarding your insurance policy, don’t hesitate to call.  Every plan is a little different and we are happy to help sort out the details. In health, Dr. Molly

Fresh Air

We all want our homes and offices to smell fresh and clean.  But it is worth taking a minute to think about the contents of the sprays.  Perfumes and body sprays have been given much attention.  Medical offices, therapeutic spaces, and gyms often post signs asking people to limit their use of scents.  We need […]

February is Heart Month

Not just chocolate hearts for your sweetie!  Heart disease is an epidemic that affects millions of adults.  TheAmerican Heart Association has dedicated February as American Heart Month.    The media has increased their coverage of this topic and some of this might not be hot of the press for you, but it is worth repeating. First, […]