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Updates on the building, our protocols and the Parent Trip.

Hello, We hope you each have continued to stay healthy and are well.  The building- We have some happy news to share. Thanks to the local neighborhood association, the new owners of the building have withdrawn their permit for demolition of the building. At this time the plan to demolish the building and trees is […]

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Why Might a Baby need chiropractic?

Why might a baby need chiropractic? Many people would think that a baby would not need to have any chiropractic work done as they are not old enough to have accumulated problems. There are many reasons that a baby might need chiropractic or other body work. Pediatric chiropractic has a goal of finding and helping […]

Corona Virus

After much thought we have decided to cease normal operations at Jade Chiropractic for at least two weeks. Using Governor Brown’s most recent guidelines we are closing Jade Chiropractic for normal business for the next two weeks. We are hoping to do our part to decrease the spread of the Covid-19 virus. We are hoping […]

Fall Newsletter

  Soren made a grand entrance and has been a sweet little bug since then. Other than the dreaded car seat, he is a pretty happy little guy. Sloane is a very proud big sister. She got to see Soren minutes after he was born and was excited to tell her cousins she saw her […]


We all know that a good night sleep does wonders for our health, but sleep can be elusive at times when we need it most. There are many times when we might need sleep, such as before an event like a┬átriathlon or a big test. Others may find that they miss out on a few […]

End of Summer

As our hot summer ends, everyone needs to be sure not to push themselves too much. Often chiropractors will see patients who are trying to squeeze the most that they can out of the summer, and tested their limits. When on an end of the season hike or run, especially on a hot day, when […]

Summer weather

With summer weather comes outdoor activity. We are all excited to finally enjoy time out in the sunshine and many of us start to push ourselves to do more and more. But as we get back into the summer routine, we need to be careful to avoid injuries. One common summer injury is a sunburn. […]